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In the heart of Saint-Amour, little village with two Michelins Stars restaurants, Domaine de la Pirolette is perched at the top of a hill, facing the church.

Here, the 15 hectares of vines are grouped around the property and the most emblematic plots are vinified separately, respecting the different areas: “Le Carjot”, “La Poulette”, “La Pirolette”….

In details

Area • 15 hectares

Grape variety • Gamay noir

Appellations • Cru Saint-Amour AOP

Distinguishing features • 2013 was the first harvest since the estate was taken over by Grégory and Virginie Barbet and their co-owners. It is a story of people who absolutely love wine, hence the estate’s nickname: “the passionate bunch”. Harvests are great fun here. Everyone comes together for a fabulous time.

The vines are grouped around the property, enjoying the very varied soils, particularly pebbly soils with sandstone and blue stones, clay and deep altered pink granite, facing south and south-east.

Since the estate was taken by Grégory and Virginie in 2013, a big work of trellising was realized to work and weed grounds mechanically.

The estate today proceeds to contributions of organic matter and develops environment-friendly agricultural practices.

Domaine de la Pirolette


Domaine de la Pirolette

Saint-Amour Le Carjot

In the traditional vatting room with its concrete vats, the grapes are macerated whole or destemmed. The technique used, called the “grate hat” or “chapeau grillé” is an age-old ancestral one. A wooden grate keeps the “hat” submerged and pumping over and dumping are still possible.

This gentle extraction helps provide structure whilst retaining the elegance of the terroir. Maceration lasts between 15 and 20 days before the wines are slowly aged for a year prior to bottling. La Pirolette from Saint-Amour ideally appreciates a few years in a wine cellar.

The ideal red wine to celebrate its marriage!

Grégory and Virginie Barbet has taken the estate with about fifteen co-owners as passionate as they are.

Contact : Domaine de la Pirolette, 71570 Saint-Amour –



The “La Poulette” parcel is aged in an egg-shaped vat, that produce a wine full of fruit and energy.