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Vin Sauvage à Poil is the natural wine produced by Château de la Terrière.

The Château de la Terrière has stood in Cercié since the 14th century, in the heart of the Beaujolais region. It is one of the oldest estates in the region.

In details

Area • 3 hectares, partially on the area called La Sibérie

Grape varieties • Gamay Noir

Appellations • Régnié

Distinguishing features • A wine with no added sulfites, from vinification to bottling. A cuvee made from plots located around the area called La Sibérie… which explains the offbeat label chosen for this cuvee.

The vineyard grow south facing on a clay and old alluvium soil in which are included big and round sandstones rocks. These sandstones stoneware was were formed there 200 million years ago but the origin of the creation of these round blocks remains a riddle which makes debate at the geologist’s in the geologist circle.

For this Vin Sauvage à Poil, that could be translated by Nacked and Wild Wine, we selected very old vines located on lieu dit La Sibérie. Planted in 1911, they are today more than 100 years old and are producing small berries, very clean and with thick skin.

The vines are grown according to organic farming practice, however with no certification. Soils are worked with machines, with as little intervention as possible. Basically, everything is done precisely and accurately, to enhance the expression of the soils and respect the vines.

This method of winemaking and ageing requires no addition of sulfites. It goes perfectly with the typical characteristics of this terroir that produces a fruity, pure and mineral wine.

Vin Sauvage à Poil

Frédéric Maignet is the master craftsman at Château de la Terrière and of the natural cuvée.

In 2009, the quality of the grapes was superb. Frédéric was so sure of himself; he decided to push the envelope even further and created a “natural” batch with grapes from the area called “Sibérie”, in the Régnié appellation.

Contact : Château de La Terrière, Frédéric Maignet 69220 Cercié –

Violet and peony aromas that express themselves in a glass vintage after vintage. For us, this is the true expression for Gamay grape.